The production of our microfiber and cotton socks are made in Montceau-les-Mines, half an hour from Mâcon, more precisely at the Perrin factory. Founded in 1924, it has exceptional know-how and allows us to offer high-quality products to our customers.

For more than 8 years, we are producing locally and in a very sustainable way, all our models of Microfiber socks and our collaborations with Pulitzer, Montreux Jazz Festival and so on…

It all started from a simple observation: socks made of technical material were comfortable and resistant, but the aesthetics were not explored in a non-sporting context.

Our founder, Fabrice Couturier has been challenging himself to combine technique and aesthetics with the help of Manufacture Perrin.

First, this approach was initiated by researching models and materials to combine his passion for design with the technicality of the yarns.

It took 2 years to lead us to a perfect result… Because our socks being made of two materials (microfiber and cotton) we had to find the perfect denier (thread thickness) in order to match the two materials and make it possible to assembly of microfiber and cotton without surface difference.

Our reflection also focused on the seams. The slightest misplaced seam is felt and creates discomfort in the foot.

We have therefore sought to create an invisible connection for the greatest comfort of our customers.

To reach our requirements, the choice of the was a priority… and the wish to consider this producer as a partner more than as a supplier… we create, they produce, we develop a perfect product…. Manufacture Perrin is the one.

The factory being located 45 minutes from the birthplace of Minuit Deux allowed us to favor a local economy and to have an ever lower ecological impact.

Our Bi-Bop and Bi-Short socks are very resistant, unlike more classic socks, we have developed ergonomics and a weaving of the microfiber yarn to limit friction.

Other points of resistance, the heel and the tip are doubled for a real duration in time.

This microfiber is made up of several thousand threads as thin as a hair. This is what gives its resistance but also its complexity!

Our Bi-Bop socks will also let your feet breathe and limit sweating thanks to our innovative yarns.

We also wanted to make comfortable socks, which is why we chose to combine our microfiber with a very high-quality cotton: Scottish Yarn Cotton...

Why using Scottish Yarn?

Scottish yarn is a natural cotton yarn that has undergone a double mercerization: a first of the yarn and a second of the finished product. This treatment makes the yarns softer but also stronger and more flexible.

This was made possible thanks to the know-how of our creator and designer, Fabrice Couturier. He has always been interested in research and innovation in textiles and it is with care and reflection that he has chosen to use Microfiber and cotton yarns for the production of the socks.

Regarding the design, we have chosen to remain on a sober aesthetic while adding the characteristic fluorescent touch of Minuit Deux on the upper. It gives the product a unique look, fitting totally our visual expectations.

Colorful, Playful, comfortable, and resistant are the key points of our beautiful socks.

We hope you enjoyed these Minuit Deux manufacturing secrets, don't hesitate to look at our dedicated product page or come and discover them directly in store!

May 24, 2022