Designed by Tristan Bartolini

"I am personally convinced that art and design really have the power to fuel all the debates that exist on social and political aspects". Tristan Bartolini, graphic designer, works for a better representation of all genres. A work that allowed him to win the Art Humanity prize of the Geneva Red Cross.

Towards a neutral language?
The characters he created are completely new and epic. They represent neither the male nor the female gender. His signs are refined, legible, poetic.


New Minuit Deux Logo


From Christophe Durand of Le Bal des Créateurs to Tristan Bartolini artist and graphic designer, Geneva as a space for creation and reflection since 2012...

We have always felt welcome in the iconic salon-gallery of the Plainpalais district in Geneva. First of all thanks to the professionalism of Christophe and his team, but also thanks to the eclecticism and open-mindedness of his clientele. We were able to meet creative people and personalities with whom we were able to collaborate: for example the creation of a pair of socks for the 50th anniversary of the Montreux Jazz Festival...

We discovered the work of Tristan Bartolini during the Lausanne festival: "la fete du slip" and we immediately wanted to meet him and work with him. His inclusive and non-sectarian approach, his purity and his kindness enabled us to produce together a new charter and a new logo.

And we are proud of it. Check the work of both by following the links below.
Instagram #tristan.otf

The male/female distinction is for me a social construction that we should urgently get rid of. Thus, we would no longer even need to speak of equality since there would only be one and the same camp: the human race!

Tristan Bartolini for le Bec interview.
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March 08, 2022