Our singular and personal vision of a world in motion

Minuit Deux is the story of a birth and of a rebirth.
The brand is intimately linked to the life and character of Fabrice Couturier, the founder of the label.

For the little story, 00:02 or Midnight Two refers to the birth of Fabrice Couturier on the night of March 27 to 28 around midnight after a difficult delivery for his mother.
The nurse on duty that night gave the tired mother the opportunity to choose the day and the time of the official birth of Fabrice.
She decided to choose Minuit Deux, the 28th of March.
A Day more to live.

A bridge connecting two important moments in the life of Fabrice which announces the advent of his journey on a logical and emotional continuation of his experience. An importance on the migration of his new desires, his vision, his desire to travel, his studio in Rotterdam and his shop in Mâcon, his city, his region, the importance of highlighting a local and international terroir and craftsman. The desire to go back to his roots and to create a space that will host all the Minuit Deux Experience… from the studio, and apartment, to the atelier, the store, a coffee shop and a guest room…the notion of going back to the source, to develop the local, the human exchange between people.

Founded in 2012 under the name Brownie and Blondie, then renamed B+B in 2018, the label remains faithful to its early DNA. Fabrice's desire is to create uninhibited, free, colorful collections with technicity and innovative details.

Minuit Deux aims to create and unite a community around the importance of maintaining its creativity, its energy, its passion. Moreover, Minuit Deux aims to extend the brand beyond the divides of sexuality, gender, social status and aims to display a positive image by proving that the differences are an extreme richness and a force not to be overlooked.

Minuit Deux, mission and promesse

Minuit Deux is determined to create a statement and a collection of clothes that make people with all body types feel good about themselves. We are in a permanent dialogue with our customers and community to develop fashion that empowers the wearer. Inspired by inspiring people, we create inclusive fashion that empowers people and brings out their individuality, regardless of age, gender expression and body type.

Minuit Deux believe in the beauty of individuality. We work for a world without limiting beauty standards, A world where we all are seen and celebrated for our individual beauty. We believe in inclusive fashion as a necessary and consequent answer to social changes. We produce age and gender independent clothes which emphasize the inner beauty and personality of the individual wearer.

Minuit Deux develop special innovative fabrics that allow and enable gender-independent cuts without compromising the shape and individual body features of our customers. We don’t follow fashion seasons; we develop our collections to optimize the design and wearing comfort. No overproduction, our collections grow with our customer base and our feelings. We produce in Europe in close collaboration with selected manufacturing partners who provide fair and safe working conditions for their employees. Intended for the entire market, providing know-how, authenticity of products, the story is made up of human people who are looking for a home, a house that corresponds to their expectations.

A community that brings together artists, choreographer, architects, composer, craftsman, dreamers of all non-genre horizons with the aim of recognizing themselves in our history and commitment to the well-being of the person, the acceptance of oneself and of others for a world better.

A vision to be shared by all that requires sharing, trust, a goal, a voice, a journey.