Q de bouteilles _ Vase _ Medium


VASES. Set of 1.

Vase made from a Bordeaux bottle. Its green tint will have no trouble matching your bouquets. “Negotiating is not my business, neither is bluffing. I get angry, I get irritated and show the opponent the bottom of my bag to get it over with faster and resume the discussion with myself.” – Each piece is unique. Color variations may exist between vases in the same range due to the artisanal nature of the product.

About Q de bouteilles.
At the origin of the Q bottle brand, there is a fair appreciation, a look at the raw element: the evidence of a good idea. By cutting a bottle to make a glass, Q of bottles recycles the glass of course, but also invents a whole new story. Glasses, vases, egg cups, boards, candles: beneath its apparent simplicity, each piece is unique.

S: H 16.5 cm – Ø 6 cm
M: H 20.5 cm – Ø 7.5 cm
L: H 25 cm – Ø 9.5 cm
Triptych: S + M + L

Color: Bottle green
Recycled glass
Dishwasher safe