Bon Parfumeur 902-30ml


Minuit Deux is thrilled to present unisex perfume brand Bon Parfumeur Paris.

902 is an Eau de parfum from  Woody Olfactive family with the strength of the armagnac and the softness of the vanilla.
Innocently fresh and citric at first, a spicy, powdery note turns woody, conjuring the dried leaves of autumn. Tobacco and vanilla tones echo and moments later, notes of leather and coffee unfold. Rich and gourmet… a perfume that evokes the aroma of Armagnac as it warms in your hand.

Our LGBTQ community will appreciate the bottom note that opens onto more sensual hints of leather and the spice deepens, inviting curiosity as the fragrance evolves.

Armagnac | Blond Tabacco | Cinnamon