Bon Parfumeur 602-30ml


Minuit Deux is thrilled to present unisex perfume brand Bon Parfumeur Paris.

602 is an Eau de Parfum with sharp spices from Southern seas mixed to wood creating a very comfortable smell.
Eau de parfum n°602 starts with neroli luminous notes then meets the spiciness and fresh scent of St Thomas berries. The heart unveils a cold and spicy character with black pepper from Madagascar, Somalian encens and cedar notes to add a mystic tone.
Base notes are made of patchouli scents, wood and vetiver. A touch of benzoin resin creates a smoky atmosphere that matches up with spicy wood and woody oriental smell. Woody 602 is well suited for both male and female that want to stand out. All our perfumes are unisex. This woody fragrance is very close of woody fern fragrances and will satisfy every nose, from the amateurs to the most advanced ones.

What’s a woody fern?
Introduced in 1882 by Paul Parquet for Maison Houbigant. Woody fern disrupted the fragrance industry by allowing new balances and establishing the modern parfumerie. Royal fern was the first woody fern developed and created a new olfactive family that is still today the best selling one among masculine perfumes. The olfactive family is made of lavender, geranium, oak moss, vetiver and coumarin. A fresh scent yet sweet and aromatic.

What’s a resin?
In the industry resins are known to be very diverse. They come from any type of trees and exist under different forms (hard, soft, mixes of texture). Siam benzoin is considered as the most famous one and can be found in Laos or Vietnam.

What’s a pepper?
The pepper is a spice obtained from berries of different pepper plants. In France few pepper are entitled to use the specific term of “pepper” as they must come from a tree called Piper Nigrum. You can find green, white, red and black pepper. 602 is a woody fragrance containing black pepper.
Surprisingly, other spices coming from very different trees are also called pepper by scientists. The fragrance industry considers them as fake pepper, even tho some of these are used in perfumes for their extravagant smell. Bon Parfumeur selected Timut Pepper to create perfume 903 from Les Privés as made of rare and exclusive ingredients.

Our LGBTQ community will love that Best Seller fragrance selected among the Bon Parfumeur collection by Gender Fluid Clothing Collection's founder and designer Fabrice Couturier.

Pepper | Cedar | Patchouli