OCEANEMOTION is a collaboration between the promising handball player Océane Sercien and Minuit Deux, the gender-neutral clothing brand designed by Fabrice Couturier.

This capsule collection mixes the colorful, audacious and fluid universe of Fabrice Couturier with the urban, sporty and comfortable life of Océane Sercien.

This collection was announced during the 10 years Anniversary Show of Minuit Deux, that took place the 1rst of July, 2022 (see article here…).

Océane Sercien-Ugolin is a French international handball player playing as a right-back. In May 2018, she was selected to join the national French Handball Team. She made her debut against Iceland in September 2019, scoring three goals.

Then, at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, she won a gold medal with the French team.

She meets Fabrice Couturier through a mutual acquaintance, the positive vibes are mutual and immediatly the idea of ​​a collaboration emerges in their minds.

The choice of the name OCEANEMOTION (pronounced Oceane Emotion) was not chosen at random.

Indeed Océane is evolving internationally and her first name is often confused with the English word "Ocean". This small funny translation error leads to confusion and sets the tone for a lively and independent collection. "Motion" meanwhile, is representing the movement. A moving confusion. A witticism to symbolize a casual and free spirit.

Training tirelessly to maintain a level of excellence is Océane's daily routine. She wanted, in collaboration with Minuit Deux, to integrate this idea of ​​strength, fluidity and power through movement into a collection of clothing and accessories (in the pipeline)...
Océane Sercien-Ugolin
This collaboration was born from a common desire, to be able to transcribe the comfort and solidity of sportswear through elegant and unique pieces.

The choice of shapes and materials were made jointly. The objective was to transcribe the ideas of Océane Sercien thanks to the technicality and talent of Fabrice Couturier in non-gendered clothes.

The selected materials such as stretch viscose crepe (natural wood-based material) or bio-sourced cotton satins have been carefully chosen for their look, comfort and solidity.

Totally versatile, these materials can be used both in a sports environment and in an urban environment.

Reflecting the Slow Fashion spirit of Minuit Deux, the OceanEmotion capsule will be available drop by drop from December 1rst to February 1rst (depending on the product) in our boutique in Mâcon (see google link), on our website (insert page link product) and during our futur Pop-ups. There will be the possibility to reserve the product on the website.

We make a point of specifying that we follow a natural rhythm of manufacturing that respects our suppliers and manufacturers.
October 28, 2022