Every year, about 10 million tons of plastics are dumped into the ocean.

Minuit Deux, aware of the problem, wishes to act on its own scale in order to be responsible and sustainable by producing a suitable product: the Bitch-Boxer.

The approach consists in developing a specific fabric, made with marine plastics.

This recycled plastic material was designed in collaboration with a French weaver. This approach allows Minuit Deux to ensure a strong quality watch and therefore to have a real positive impact on the environment.

This workshop aims, in association with a non-governmental organization, to geolocate plastics in order to know their number, their origin and therefore, the most important areas to clean.

Once the plastic waste is collected from the ocean, it is transformed into long, thin plastic threads which are then woven to create the material that will be used in the design of the Bitch-Boxer Minuit Deux swimsuits.

The Bitch Boxer is therefore unisex swim trunks made exclusively from plastic waste.

The plain version of the Bitch-Boxer from Minuit Deux is available in three colors.

Emparo Blue, Jelly Green and Tangerine

This choice of colors comes from a desire of our designer, Fabrice Couturier. He wants to make these shorts made from plastic waste shine and vibrate by giving them a unique color. Showing that beauty can be hidden in each product is essential.

In addition, these colors were created for Minuit Deux, imagined and developed following a global and personal reflection.

The philosophy behind this choice is to achieve a virtuous circle.

Indeed, this plastic waste, disfiguring and suffocating the Ocean, is transformed into bathing shorts, which will restore color to the beaches and seas of our World.

In addition, this Bitch-Boxer has been designed to be worn both as swimming shorts, but also as city shorts. Indeed, it is lined in cotton material which allows it to remain pleasant to wear even out of the water.

The objective through this garment is therefore to achieve a more ecological and sustainable approach to fashion by cleaning the oceans through the use of polluting plastic waste.

Minuit Deux designs colorful, quality pieces that have a minimum impact on our environment.
August 06, 2022