Fabrice Couturier

Fabrice Couturier, a route off the beaten track, from Dior early experience to mature Minuit Deux project

Born March 28, 1973 in Lyon, Fabrice Couturier studied Applied Arts there and moved to Paris in 1991 to join the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne. After a 6-month experience at Dior Haute Couture which has built his critical eye on the fashion industry and the power relations that exist there, he prefers to stay independent. he then decides to collaborate as artistic director, freelance designer and in-house stylist in Paris, Lyon, Lausanne, New-York, and Istanbul for more than 18 years. These experiences defined his character, while his self-taught journey gave him true knowledge of the fashion industry. In 2011, the decision to establish Brownie and Blondie as an inclusive and unisex brand, halfway between Parisian couture and Berlin streetstyle are made.

“Berlin was a culture shock... coming from the precious haute couture of Paris to the rough subcultural scenes of Berlin, it opened my mind like never before. I used this energy to create B+B, a project where my ability to develop fabrics, create my patterns and incorporate smart details was enhanced by the way of living in this unique city.”

Brownie and Blondie, 2012-2017, is established as a gender, age and body fluid brand through the use of innovative fabrics that support unisex fits. In 2018, as a non-binary and inclusive brand, Brownie and Blondie transforms into B+B and continues its efforts to impose pressure-free collections.

In 2021, after 2 years of Corona, the need to reconnect with a vision and a reality is essential. For the 10 years anniversary of the inclusive and fluid project, the brand is transformed into Minuit Deux and intends to prove its relevance and its humanity in this digital society: back to essentials for humans, to well-being and to free time.

Minuit Deux is awake and attentive to changes in society