Q de bouteilles _ Glasses _ x2


GLASSES. Set of 2.

The bottles of lemonade were a source of inspiration for creating a new line of objects. The finesse of these bottles and their colors quickly inspired us to create a series of stemmed glasses. An elegant glass, an everyday object and witness to special occasions. It invites itself for an orangeade or sparkling water. Sometimes a wine glass is placed at the table for a rosé or a fresh white. A product that lives up to our ambitions, an entirely French and artisanal design where the delicate gesture meets a fragile material. Since 2022, we have been expanding our know-how to glass bonding techniques. We gave birth to this glass through sketches and assemblies. A balancing act to find the right proportions, the right assembly and harmony between body and foot . Green, brown, colorless, the three shades are available, combined and assembled to give life to 9 versions. A logical sequence of colors operates and offers a unique set to compose according to your desire. Set of 2 colorless and green stemmed glasses Handcrafted in our manufacture, each piece is unique. Slight variations in color and dimensions may therefore exist between each glass due to the artisanal nature of the product.

About Q de bouteilles.
At the origin of the Q bottle brand, there is a fair appreciation, a look at the raw element: the evidence of a good idea. By cutting a bottle to make a glass, Q of bottles recycles the glass of course, but also invents a whole new story. Glasses, vases, egg cups, boards, candles: beneath its apparent simplicity, each piece is unique.

Height: 14cm
Diameter: 6.5cm
Weight: 145g
Capacity: 25cl
Color: colorless and green
Recycled glass
Hand washing

Fiche technique