MoEa - Vegan Sneaker - Gene2 Pastel Drop


Unisex Sneakers.
GEN2 is the new high end sports style inspired from the 80s. This style is highly resistant, breathable and, comfortable and made from CornSkin, a low carbon & cruelty-free innovative bio-material. Handmade in Portugal with fully certified materials, this corn style is a fashionable alternative to both destructive leather and plastic sneakers.

🍇 All your favorite biomaterials in one single style
GEN2 PASTEL is a blend of all our biomaterials: PineappleSkin™, CornSkin™, AppleSkin™, PET Bottle™, etc.

🐶 Vegan Credentials
Our GEN2 are proudly accredited VEGAN by PETA. This accreditation confirms the entirely cruelty-free nature of GEN2, assuring that no animals were harmed or exploited in the making of these sneakers.

🤝 Retro cool, you said?
GEN2 is a fusion of vintage basketball aesthetics and contemporary urban vibes. With its blends of textures and vibrant 80s-inspired silhouette, GEN2 captures the essence of retro cool. The chunky yet lightweight sole adds a touch of athleticism, making them the go-to choice for all urban settings

🌿 Low Carbon Footprint
Study by certified agency FairlyMade shows that the production of GEN2 emits 8,74kg of CO2, which is on average -71% less compared to an equivalent animal leather sneaker.ial.

A blend of all our biomaterials: PineappleSkin , CornSkin, AppleSkin and "PET Bottle".
• Handcrafted in Portugal, Guimarães
• Upper:
PineappleSkin: 70% pineapple fiber + 20% polylactic acid + 5% bio polyurethane + 5% polyurethane, made in Spain
CornSkin: 43% corn polyols + 26% FSC viscose + 31% polyurethane, made in Italy
AppleSkin: 26% apple + 38% polyurethane + 20% polyester + 16% cotton, made in Italy
"PET Bottle" : 60% water based PU + 40% PET
• 30% recycled rubber sole + 70% natural rubber sole
• The sole is strong and sewed to the upper
• Lining: 75% bamboo & 25% polyester, OEKO•TEX® standard 100
• Laces: 100% organic cotton laces, made by GOTS certified supplier
• Labels: 100% recycled polyester
• Vegan & water•based glues
• FSC certified cardboard

This model has been audited and certified :
• Peta Approved VEGAN
• USDA bio•preferred
• OEKO•TEX® standard 100
• Low Carbon Product

It is fully recyclable into new soles.

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