Hood-Pocket RC21 Yellow


Hood-pocket is an outer garment with waterproof zipped pockets, wearable alone or under a coat. This versatile piece is lined with a fluo mesh and has multiple functional details like adjustable cord on the side or "fit to head" closing system.
Minuit Deux plays with the code of sport like fluorescent details but with high-end work and innovative fabrics. #Ungendered
Minuit Deux believes in inclusivity, gender fluidity and body positivity. 


RC21 is a water-repellent recycled polyamid canvas super light made in Italy. The particularity of this modern fabric is du to the special weaving using reinforging technique that makes it resistant to ripping.
About recycled polyamide: Recycled polyamide is a material that has been recycled from waste. The raw material source for recycled polyamide can be old fishing nets and carpets, and also waste from manufacturing industry.

Clean fashion is mandatory, and we want to be part of a more sustainable fashion industry.

Washable 30°C.

100% Polyamid